Orthopedic rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation includes manual therapy, dry needling and massage therapy: our therapists are trained to provide all the most important, validated and effective rehab techniques to allow you to recover from an injury, to prevent it, to get back in shape before a journey, to prepare for a surgical procedure or to help you recover from it.

Manual therapy

Manual Therapy is one of the most known, widely spread and complex therapy a Physiotherapist can use.

Our therapists are carefully chosen and trained to be able to offer the best hands on therapy for every single situation. In every manual therapy session you’ll be provided with all the informations you desire: we want you to be always completely aware of what is happening to your body, why, and how the therapy is going to impact on your symptoms.

Our treatments can help you recover joints mobility, get rid of inflammation and pain both in chronic as well as acute situations, impacting deeply on your quality of life.

Posture training and Mézières Method

Routine activities, wrong sport or working positions as well as fatigue can make you stay in wrong postures.

Those postures over time can be very harmful for your body and prevent you from doing what you love, such a sport or an hobby. Posture training can help you to prevent this trouble.

With the help and support of our therapists we will create and administer a workout plan bespoke on your needs, in order to allow you to move more, better and pain free: we aim to have a strong impact on your quality of life and to prevent the onset of numerous pathology.


If you practice a sport, as a professional or as amateur, you’d probably be used to traumas and sprains. Our therapists can provide supportive and strapping tape to speed up you healing and fasten your recovery.

Our therapists, experts in sport traumatology, can help you applying taping in order to increase joints stability, to protect sore areas and tissues after an injury.
At the same time supportive taping can be used as a preventive measure from further injuries and can decrease the stress over damaged joints supporting them and increasing proprioception by decreasing the pain.

Trigger Point – Dry Needling

Dry needling could resemble Chinese acupuncture, but it is quite different: we can provide this US born technique that deal with the muscles areas that trigger the pain.

You may have experienced a sort of undefined pain after being in a posture for a prolonged time or after a significant physical effort. If so probably you have experienced a trigger point: a muscle spasm that cause pain far away from where it is. Our therapists after an accurate analysis of your muscles will be able to find out and treat what is triggering your pain in just a few dry needling sessions by using acupuncture needles.

Massage therapy

Massage is one of the very first and instinctive way of treating local pain that the man ever experienced.

The experience of Fisiomed therapists in sport rehab will grant you the proper massage therapy to relieve you pain: the therapy provided is always bespoke for each patient body aiming to decrease pain and muscle spam.

Massage Therapy can be used in a wide range of situations, like musculoskeletal pain, edemas, muscle cramps and spasms, scar tissues, joints pain, arthritis and several more.

We identify two different kind of massage therapy:
Muscle relaxing: this kind of massage is meant to decrease muscles tension, increase blood an lymphatic flow and decrease pain
Sport massage: usually administered before a competition or a training, this kind of massage is meant to prepare muscles for the athletic performance.