Neurological rehabilitation

It is getting more and more common to hear talking about pathology like stroke, transitory ischemic attack, parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barrè and several more. Those complex pathology, starting from the nervous system, may have a deep impact on the general health of your body.

Bobath concept

Bobath concept has been developed to grant a all round approach to neurological conditions.

Fisiomed therapists through specific interviews and assessments will help caregivers to create a supportive environment in order to stimulate the patient during the whole day.

Through posture and assisted positioning our therapists will help you recover your motor skills while checking for any sign of increased muscle tone; according to this concept it is possible to stimulate new motor patterns without increasing muscle tone and to work on postural reflexes.

Kabat concept

Kabat concept has been developed in the US in the late 50’s and recently updated accordingly with neuroscience progresses.

This concept allow a fast and effective recover of muscle strength in patients affected by central nervous system lesions. This recover, achieved through the selective strengthen of some moto patterns will have a huge impact on the patient quality of life. Our physiotherapists will identify which motor pattern stimulate and with one inhibt.

Perfetti concept

Perfetti concept is a different kind of therapy that through cognitive as well as motor rehabilitation aim to recover precise movements in chronic conditions too.

After a detailed assessment our therapists will start an exercise protocol based on increasing the perception of you body and only then you’ll be taught how to apply this perception to motor patterns. In this way it will be possible to achieve a flowing mobility without any possibility of future worsening.