Who we are

Young Rehabilitation professionals

Fisiomed is a Rehabilitation Centre made by a team of young rehabilitation professionals lead by Paolo and Tommaso: “We pursue excellence, a place where people with physical issues of any kind can recover the fitness they want and where athletes can achieve the highest performance”.

How Fisiomed is born

Professionality, kindness and teamwork: those are the main value on which our work is based. We have a common goal: your perfect fitness.

“Our first meeting was totally unexpected, and it happened during a continuous professional development course. From that moment we both understood that not only a great friendship was born, but also our business idea”

Paolo and Tommaso, founders Fisiomed

Our history

Fisiomed is the story of the encounter of two professionals in physiotherapy and rehabilitative therapies: Tommaso who spent several years working in Ticino with football teams and in the private healthcare and Paolo with a professional experience in different clinics in Italy as well as in the United Kingdom. This is how Fisiomed was born: an excellent working environment constantly updated and guided by the highest clinical standards. Today we share the same professional vision: the awareness that the sector in which we work can be profoundly improved.

Our professional goal is to always provide the best possible service, at any cost.