Electro-medical therapy

Using the most up to date electro-medical equipment we can help you recover at an otherwise impossibile speed: we can administer risk free treatment in acute stage, we can start earlier rehab protocols after a trauma or a surgical procedure and reach otherwise unreachable areas.

Tecar Therapy

Tecar therapy is a treatment growing more and more common in rehabilitation due both to the numerous musculoskeletal conditions treated as well as to its safety.

This therapy warm up the tissues while allowing the body to decrease inflammation and promoting healing: used by a skilled therapist it can help you healing from traumas, injuries and speeding up recovery after a surgical procedure.

Tecar therapy works by increasing local blood flow, this increases the oxygen concentration in the area promoting healing and decreasing muscle swelling and muscle spasms.
It can be used to treat musculoskeletal inflammations, back pain, bone fractures, joint traumas and edemas.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is used in rehabilitation to deal with joint swelling and joint pain, it has a strong musculoskeletal anti-inflammatory effect and has proven to be very effective in treating scar tissues.

When combined with the right rehab protocol it can drastically decrease the risk of incurring in further injuries. Ultrasound therapy interacts with collagen fibers and with local blood circulation allowing to treat scars, muscles and tendons inflammation, delay in bone healing after a fracture, muscles spasm and edemas.


Electrostimulation has a wide application in rehab as it can be used for treating inflammation, pain and to stimulate muscle growth.

It can be used to stimulate a muscle that can’t or must not move like after a surgical procedure preventing the loss of strength and lean mass.

Our therapists will use it to treat:

  • muscle denervation or trauma affecting peripheral nervous system. In those situations electrostimulation speeds up dramatically the nerves regeneration.
  • prolonged immobility, reducing the loss of muscle mass.
  • acute inflammation or conditions where movement could be harmful

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is one of the latest therapies developed and is dramatically effective in treating highly inflamed superficial structures like tendons and muscles.

It is a safe, pain free and fast treatment that biostimulate cells in order to decrease pain, swelling and inflammation.

This therapy is strongly suggested in case of:

  • muscles and tendons inflammation
  • muscles spasm and lesions
  • sport trauma
  • trigger points